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After the transparency phase, a concept is needed to achieve the turnaround or for business development. This concept must meet the formal requirements and must be pragmatically realizable.

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This is what customers say about our work:

The continuation report by Walther Management was the basis for optimizing our business models, but also for focusing on other key issues. For me, the cooperation was a perfect fit, both parties "did not mince matters" and always communicated and informed openly in every direction. I was very happy that Walther Management took over the task of structuring and defining the focus.
(Wolfgang Herdegen, Managing Director, peters Bildungsgruppe)

Mr. Walther was the key contact person and "sparring partner" for me as a member of the Management Board in all business issues and decisions. His high level of commitment and entrepreneurial expertise were decisive for the successful continued existence of the company, not only in strategic decisions, but above all in crisis situations and a corporate realignment in 2013.
(Alf Brünn, sole director of Parkteam AG)

Due to the high level of commitment and the professional handling of the mandate, it was possible - despite the originally negative framework data - to develop a package of measures on the pillars of which the positive restructuring forecast could be given.
(Johann Lehner, Lehner Beteiligungs GmbH)

Our case studies in the area of Turnaround & Business Development:

An IT service provider ended up in the loss zone due to an unqualified management. The transparency phase revealed that the main issues were in sales, pricing policy and the inefficient service delivery process. After intensive discussion, the shareholders approved the concept for a comprehensive turnaround and dismissed the management.

During a 6-month intensive phase, the project team completely revised the market offer and pricing policy and structured the service delivery process much more efficiently. The processing time fell from 14 days to five days, processing was carried out with 62% of the previously required personnel capacity, and the quality indicators increased. At the same time, prices were increased by an average of 8%. In addition to the new management, interim management in four positions ensured the sustainable recovery of the company and enabled the sustainable strategic realignment.

A company group providing adult education realised losses in its core business for years. Even temporary debt relief did not change the structural problems of under-utilisation of spatial and personnel capacities.

In the turnaround appraisal according to IDW S6 it became clear that although the core business was able to reach the profit zone through many operational measures, this was not sufficient for the educational group's ability to continue. For this reason, a new business area was successfully sought, found and implemented that utilised the capacities and generated positive contribution margins.

The group has been profitably and significantly reduced its debts. The value growth was realised by a complete sale of the company shares. Read here the detailed case study including interviews with the former shareholders and the managing director.

A group of service companies decided to proactively establish further suitable business areas with Business Development in order to balance and shape future market developments. The development of a new business area was followed by a total of 4 acquisitions and one merger.

The project teams coordinated by Mark Walther were active in all integration phases as well as in monitoring the integration steps. In addition to the management function of the integration teams, Mr. Walther was a member of the management team for over a year.

Subsequently, all 4 business areas were organized under a holding company as part of a complete reorganization and could thus be managed effectively. The main principle of the reorganisation was to redefine the areas of responsibility according to market requirements. Through intensive coordination and communication, a total of more than 400 employees changed to the new structures without friction.
The project teams led by Mark Walther played a key role in almost all the decisions that set the course of the company and contributed significantly to the Group's business development, with a total of 16 projects over several years. In the meantime, the group has become very profitable and the market leader in its segment.