In order to shape and design the outpatient healthcare sector in a sustainable manner, strong and committed partners are needed. With Walther Management we have found such a reliable and trusting partner, one who shares aiutanda‘s vision and help make it a reality. Thanks to the long-term cooperation and active support of Walther Management, we have been able to gain many other partners, such as in supplying medical aids and outpatient care, and thus come a step closer to our goal of high-quality, state-of-the-art outpatient healthcare every day.

- Christoph Schubert, Managing Director, aiutanda GmbH

Mark Walther and his team made a significant contribution to our successor solution. With their support, we were able to generate realistic options and carefully weigh their advantages and disadvantages. In a next phase, the options were examined through discussions with market participants and the family. After comparing all of them, we finally opted for internal succession. Walther Management created an integrated financial plan for their financial security. We thank Walther Management for the very good and professional collaboration.

- Kay Eckert, Managing Director, Hotel Central

We brought Walther Management on board because we did not feel able to make a valuable contribution – including due diligence – in the process of acquiring a company. Thanks to the support of Walther Management, there was a very positive mood throughout the acquisition and selling of the company. All topics were prepared transparently, so that we always felt well accompanied.

- Thomas Imbacher, Direktor Market Unit Central Europe, PERI GmbH

Walther Management's follow-up report was the basis for optimizing our business models while also focusing on other key topics. For me, the cooperation fit all around, both parties did not mince words, and have always communicated openly in any direction. I was very glad that Walther Management took on the task of structuring and defining the focus.

- Wolfgang Herdegen, Managing Director, peters Bildungsgruppe

Mr. Walther and Mr. Stüting drove a very intense and professionally managed sales process, clarifying many points of discussion with the potential seller and overcoming all encountered difficulties with creativity and tenacity. This way, they suceeded in finding the most suitable strategic buyer.

- Michael Bayer, Managing Director, BB Government Services GmbH

Due to the high level of commitment and the professional handling of the mandate, it was possible to draw up a package of measures – in spite of the originally negative framework data – on the basis of which a positive reorganization forecast could be made. Mr Walther and Mr Schmidt managed to provide light in the dark through their clear understanding of the starting point, very targeted discussion of the measures, and transparent and integrated financial planning. Furthermore, they conducted voting rounds with all parties involved (three banks, two shareholders, three managing directors) and ensured that conflicting interests were settled.

- Johann Lehner, Lehner Beteiligungs GmbH, sole shareholder of the peters Bildungsgruppe 

Mark Walther’s intervention was so right because he and his team provided all the expertise and speed required for an international auction where over 90 potential buyers needed to be contacted and engaged, several parties in Germany (often with conflicting agendas) had to be managed and a transaction reached quickly and cleanly.

Mark very rarely fails since he combines a highly structured approach with the extreme sensitivity regarding how the process is developing. This allows for changes in both pace and direction.

The confidence that he engendered in all stakeholders increased the confidence in the process itself and Mark succeeded in bringing all parties together with his practical advice and long experience.

- Hari Iyengar, former Managing Director Sphairon Technologies, representative of the Indian investor Sandalwood

In an intense sales process you managed – in close consultation with me – to clarify the many points of discussion with potential buyers. You were always available on short notice, a very competent partner, and have represented my interests and that of the Euromechanics with great dedication, on the other hand, created realistic expectations on my side. I am pleased to be able to harvest the company value due to the successful company succession, have much more personal freedom and transfer the responsibility to a very suitable assignee.

I am pleased to be able to realize the company value due to the successful company succession, to have much more personal freedom and to transfer the responsibility to a very suitable transferee.

- Roman Harmansa, Managing Director Euromechanics Medical GmbH 

Due to his high professionalism, dedication and cooperative nature, Mr. Walther enjoys a high reputation, great esteem, and has our complete trust always.

- Susanne Hausmann, Managing Director HealthCare GmbH

Walther Management won the tender (to accompany the acquisition of a competitor) due to the flexible project approach and the wide experience of Mr. Walther in small to mid-cap transactions in the German-speaking market. With his technical input and his negotiating skills, he contributed significantly to the fact that the project goals were exceeded.

- Fabian Kohlbecker, Director Corporate Development, PERI GmbH

You, my dear Mr. Walther, have managed to put together a really fast M&A process that was completed eleven weeks after kickoff. All participants were very happy with the result and there was a great deal of satisfaction – especially from the employee – given that almost all jobs were retained in the two subsections. Your structured way of working, knowledge of the economic context and your detailed knowledge have decisively influenced your sales success.

- Dr. Ulrich Graf, Insolvency Law Specialist at Lampert, Dr. Ing. Graf & Co. 

Mr. Walther embodies the medium-sized entrepreneur and management consultant in the best sense with clear prioritization, a feeling of responsibility, and tremendous dedication. We thank him greatly for his efforts, which have contributed immensely towards achieving our corporate goals and VSA Group’s development.

- Dr. Andreas Lacher, Managing Director VSA GmbH / VSA-Group

Mr. Walther always worked closely and confidentially with me and the other partners in all projects. He always had an objective and a well-grounded opinion which he brought in as part of the vote, thereby shaping the discussion considerably. Through the implementation support, he and his team ensured that the project objectives were largely accomplished– even after the project was finished.

- Dr. Jamshid Javdani, Managing Partner, GFS Society for Statistics in Health Care

In his capacity as Chairman of the Supervisory Board from its founding in 2001 through 2014, Mr. Walther was the key contact person and "sparring partner" in all business questions and decisions. His dedication and entrepreneurial expertise were instrumental to the company's continued success – not only in strategic decisions but, above all, in crisis situations and a during a company realignment in 2013.

- Alf Brünn, Director Parkteam AG

The acquisition added another € 14 million to our European turnover and helped us grow our revenue in German significantly in the years after, giving us access to relevant German customers and technical know-how to comply with proprietary telecommunication standards in Germany. With Mark´s help, we are always able to make s decisions during the acquisition process.

- Gordon Yang, President ZyXel Communications Corporation