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The healthcare market is one of the fastest-changing industries in Germany. Like almost no other sector, healthcare is directly affected by the great challenges and opportunities of the future: demographic change, population aging, care problems on one hand, constant medical progress and technologically disruptive innovations on the other. Companies have to react to all these global developments.

With years of industry experience, our large healthcare network and in-depth M & A know-how, we understand the challenges of our clients and are able to offer tailor-made, individualized (successor) solutions, both in corporate sales and in acquisitions:

  • We advise national and international corporate groups on acquisitions in the areas of outpatient and inpatient care, medicine as well as medical aid/supplies
  • We support the sale of medium-sized companies in the healthcare sector
  • We are a competent advisor to investment companies in the purchase and sale of their healthcare portfolio companies

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Florian Winkler

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This is what customers say about our work:

"In order to shape and design the outpatient healthcare sector in a sustainable manner, strong and committed partners are needed. With Walther Management we have found such a reliable and trusting partner, one who shares aiutanda‘s vision and help make it a reality. Thanks to the long-term cooperation and active support of Walther Management, we have been able to gain many other partners, such as in supplying medical aids and outpatient care, and thus come a step closer to our goal of high-quality, state-of-the-art outpatient healthcare every day." (Christoph Schubert, Managing Director, aiutanda GmbH)

"Due to his high professionalism, dedicated and cooperative nature, Mr. Walther enjoys a stellar reputation, is held in high esteem and always has our full confidence." (Susanne Hausmann, Managing Director Noventi HealthCare GmbH)

"In an intense sales process you managed – in close consultation with me – to clarify the many points of discussion with potential buyers. You were always available on short notice, a very competent partner, and have represented my interests and that of the Euromechanics with great dedication, on the other hand, created realistic expectations on my side. I am pleased to be able to harvest the company value due to the successful company succession, have much more personal freedom and transfer the responsibility to a very suitable assignee. I am pleased to be able to realize the company value due to the successful company succession, to have much more personal freedom and to transfer the responsibility to a very suitable transferee." (Roman Harmansa, Managing Director Euromechanics Medical GmbH)

"Mr. Walther always worked closely and confidentially with me and the other partners in all projects. He always had an objective and a well-grounded opinion which he brought in as part of the vote, thereby shaping the discussion considerably." (Dr. Jamshid Javdani, Managing Partner, GFS Society for Statistics in Health Care)


Our Project Sketches:

The managing director and sole shareholder of a precision medical equipment manufacturing company wanted to sell his life's work to take care of other priorities in a new stage of life.

For him, it was crucial that the buyer be a strategic and not a financial investor unfamiliar with the medical technology industry. In addition, the company needed to be continued, the location maintained and the employees kept on the job. In an intensive sales process lasting over 15 months, the project team succeeded in finding a suitable transferee, who continues to expand and develop the company at the existing location. The former managing director is pleased about having much more personal freedom, but still makes some time available to serve the company in an advisory role.

The German outpatient care market is highly fragmented, growing steadily in the mid-single-digit range and increasingly supported by political funding programs. These favorable conditions are driving market consolidation via large care groups and financial investors.

In early 2018, several entrepreneurs with many years of expertise in the healthcare sector started to build a new group of outpatient and intensive care services. This care group will be managed long-term, without sales intentions, embracing mid-sized company values. In addition to an attractive sales price, sellers to this group benefit from the group's know-how – especially in digitization, recruitment as well as management and billing issues. 

As part of a long-term acquisition mandate, Walther Management was appointed as the exclusive partner to generate a continuous deal flow for the care group. Supported by our research department, we analyze the market very thoroughly with the help of large databases, industry associations, congress and fair participation, focused research work and a strong network in the healthcare market. 14,000 nursing services were screened, analyzed and consolidated based on the client's admission criteria, and then around 2,500 companies systematically prioritized. The telephone call is also made upon customer agreement by Walther Management. In this way, we seek out and qualify sales-ready care service providers who wish to join the care group, while also offering advice during the purchase process.

Walther Management accompanied the leading IT service provider in the German healthcare sector long-term towards building up and successfully operating several business areas:

  1. Assertion of market leadership in the field of prescription accounting for pharmacies, among other things, with the help of a purchase.
  2. The new business segment – IT systems for pharmacies – was initially established through three acquisitions. At a later date, the merger with a market participant and a further acquisition took place. Today, the integrated unit is the market leader in its segment.
  3. Prescription billing for other service providers was purchased by the Group at a favorable time and has since defended its TOP 3 position in its segment.
  4. Based on the decision in a joint strategy meeting, the establishment of the business area "Software Solutions in the Nursing Market" took place.

In many cases, we also supported the integration after the acquisition.

Medical supply stores are understood as several commercial and service companies under one roof. To lead this requires a variety of skills. If succession begins, more and more medical supply companies will decide to sell their business to a long-term oriented group.

Supported by Walther Management, to date the group has taken over two companies in the field of medical supplies/homecare and together with the management will further develop these in a sustainable and future-oriented manner.

A healthcare service provider was in the red due to inefficient processes and changes in the market. The need for borrowed capital increased significantly and the continued existence of the company was endangered. The main construction sites consisted of both sales, price policy and the entire service delivery process.

In a six-month intensive phase, the Walther Management project team completely overhauled the market offer and pricing policy, while completely restructuring the service provision process. In addition to the new management, the use of an interim manager ensured a return to profitability and a sustained strategic realignment. The service provider continues to grow very profitably.