Developing Corporate Values with Strategy and Passion

An important task of an entrepreneur is to work out and implement a strategy for developing their company further. Many of the stages can be mastered independently, but there are always significant challenges in which a temporary partner on an equal footing can provide valuable support.
This is where the Walther Management team comes in. Based on the experience of more than 160 successfully completed projects in the area of corporate development, we know that the constant review and adaptation of structures and business model leads to sustainable value increases. This includes optimizing processes, reviewing product portfolios, strengthening yield-enhancing potential and cutting non-profitable branches.

Our range of services includes the following phases:

  • Analysis phase: Analysis of the performance and financial side of the business, on which the corporate planning builds
  • Conceptual phase: Development of a strategy for the adaptation of the business model, organizational structures as well as examining sale and acquisition options
  • Implementation phase: Project management, controlling the purchase or sales process, support via interim management (CEO, CFO, CRO)

Not infrequently, as part of a corporate development project, the decision is made for a company sale or acquisition. Here, too, Walther Management is the right partner. We possess a deep understanding of the German-speaking mid-sized market, combined with an international focus (sales to countries like China, Taiwan, Mexico, Italy etc.).

We are happy to explain our approach and our references. Please contact us!

An IT service provider in the healthcare sector ended up in red because of inefficient processes and changes. The need for debt capital increased significantly and the continued existence of the company was in danger. The main construction sites consisted of both sales, pricing, and the entire service delivery process. After intense discussions the shareholders agreed on a fundamental solution to the problem.

In a 6-month intensive phase, the project team completely revised the market offering and pricing policy, while completely restructuring the service provision process. The processing time decreased from 14 to five days, the processing was carried out with 62 % of the previously required staff and quality indicators rose. At the same time, prices climbed 8 % on average.

In addition to the new management, the interim management secured the company's sustained recovery in four positions and enabled the strategic realignment. Thanks to intensive sales, new product offerings and improvements in the service delivery process, the company is now the most innovative player in the market and continues to grow very profitably.

A corporate group in adult education suffered losses in its core business for 15 years. Even interim debt relief didn‘t change the structural problems caused by underutilization of spatial and personnel capacities.

After intensive considerations of the project team with management and shareholders, it became clear that in the core business many operational measures could only achieve to break even – not enough for the education group to keep going. Therefore, a new business area was sought, found and implemented that utilizes capacities and generates positive contribution margins.

The results of the implementation are both quantitatively and qualitatively well above plan, the group is profitable and clearly debt-free, and the value of the company‘s shares has significantly increased. In the meantime, we are consistently pursuing a sustainable strategic realignment so that the group of companies will continue to be positive in 10 years' time.

To increase the value of a branded cosmetic and toothpaste manufacturer, internal value creation should focus on branding, product development and distribution. A successor had to be found that would take over all coworkers and the production plants at the Swabian location. In addition, a long-term supply contract in a market with ever-sinking prices over time had to be negotiated.

After detailing the options, including extensive calculations of the respective value added, several potential buyers were approached and negotiated with in an international process. One year after the start of the project, the sale of the production and the conclusion of a favorable 5-year supply contract were perfect. The company was then sold by the shareholder for a big profit to an international strategic buyer.

A service company was operating in a market segment whose market volume was under threat due to anticipated legal changes. The firm therefore decided to proactively build up further suitable business areas so they could balance and shape future market developments.

First, a complementary business field was developed in the same target group, but from a different technology segment. For this purpose, three acquisitions were made within one year and later merged into one subsidiary; this was followed by the merger with a competitor, a difficult phase of integration, and finally an additional purchase. A third business segment (different target group, same technology) was added almost unplanned and, thanks to multiple operational measures, has become the group's current source of income. Finally, as part of the ongoing strategy process, a fourth business area was identified and built up through acquisitions.

Today, all four business units are organized under one holding as part of a complete reorganization and can thus be managed effectively. The essential principle of the reorganization was to redefine the task areas according to market requirements. Through intensive coordination and communication, a total of over 400 employees changed without discord to the new structures. The project teams led by Mark Walther have played a key role in the development and almost all the decisions taken by the group over a period close to 16 years. In the meantime, the company generates six times as much revenue, is highly profitable and the market leader in its segment.