Company Acquisition: One Cog Grabs Another

The motives of a business owner or an investor to buy a company are complex. They can be strategic, financial or personal:

  • Are you striving for strategic growth in your company and an increase in value through acquisition?
  • Do you want to acquire market share and/or new technology, thereby improving your own market position and competitiveness?

A successful acquisition process consists of three steps:

  • Analysis & Preparation: First, it is important to get acquainted with the buyer’s goals and culture as well as understand the market details, using these as a basis for identifying relevant acquisition candidates and adapting the processing documents accordingly.
  • Company Suitability: In the next step, we contact the relevant decision-makers by telephone and clarify their willingness to sell. Then we qualify the fit on paper and via direct talks on the spot. On this basis, we initiate targeted discussions between the buyer and seller.
  • Business deal: Finally, we accompany the due diligence process, integration concept design and the purchase contract negotiations up until signing. Afterwards, if needed, we gladly support implementation of the integration concept.

    The leadership team of Walther Management has a great deal of experience in acquiring German-speaking “Mittelstand” (medium-sized) companies

    • We know the specifics of these small and mid-sized enterprises, how to address and qualify them as targets
    • We identify and communicate possible "showstoppers" right from the start and break off the acquisition process if necessary
    • We support financial due diligence and integration planning
    • We have extensive negotiation experience from over 120 successful acquisition and sale transactions and are very tenacious – until the deal is done

      Are you also interested in a company acquisition? Get to know us better by speaking with us up-close-and-personal and learning how we work. Give us a call!

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      The vision of the long-standing customer is to be the German healthcare sector‘s leading IT service provider and operate several business areas successfully. He succeeded because of several strategic acquisitions that supported the group’s expansion:

      Thus, the IT service company defended its position as market leader in the field of prescription billing for pharmacies with an acquisition, among other things.The second business segment – IT systems for pharmacies – was initially established through three acquisitions. At a later date, a merger with another market participant and a further acquisition took place. Today, the integrated unit also enjoys market leadership in its segment.

      The third business area – prescription billing for other service providers – was bought out of a restructuring situation at an opportune time by the Group, and since then has defended its third place standing in this segment.

      Finally, the fourth business area – software solutions in the care market – was set up on the basis of a deliberate strategic decision; to date, one purchase has been made.

      An internationally leading company in the area of formwork, scaffolding and engineering had up until now grown organically. However, as some of the business models did not achieve the desired market penetration through their own activities, the management decided to acquire an owner-managed competitor.

      This turned out to be the ideal partner: both are family-run, share similar corporate cultures and customers. Above all, customers benefit from the integration of both companies, to whom even more comprehensive services and solutions can be offered.